Welcome to AMP Biomass a Cumbrian biomass fuel supply company

We are located between Penrith and Carlisle and we deliver a range of quality wood fuels that have been fully refined to deliver maximum heat performance and value for money.

Wood Chip

Fully refined, energy rich, low moisture woodchip fuel in a range of chip sizes to suit any woodchip boiler.


The modern alternative to traditional firewood logs. Low cost, high energy fuel for all wood burners, traditional open fires, stoves or biomass log boilers.

Wood Pellets

Certified  quality wood pellet fuel in bagged, bulk or blown quantities suitable for all pellet boilers.

Kiln Dried Logs

Low moisture, 100% hardwood Firewood Logs. Hand graded to suit all wood burners and traditional open fires.  Supplied ready to burn. 


Clean, dry natural sticks to get your fire started.